Why choose Muholland Building Services?

Mechanical Engineering

As designers we have created numerous environments which excel at their given purpose. We have provided spaces which enable users to be relaxed, productive and happy. We have provided spaces which provide and maintain the environmental requirements of people and processes. Our designs provide spaces which enhance the operation and use of an area. We are driven by user satisfaction and we provide and enable design to operate in total synergy with the occupants and users.

High Standards

Electrical Engineering

Electricity makes buildings work, without it buildings cannot operate. We provide designs which enhance the energy efficiency of the space and enable the building users to operate effectively. By designing the electrical services in conjunction with the building users and other members of the design team we can make buildings cover many uses. We not only light buildings, but we provide the power for all the services to function in harmony and enhance the building use experience.

Project Lead


All buildings need utilities. We are experts at maintaining and developing services strategies for all types of buildings.

Critical Systems Engineering

We have designed data centers, critical power systems and fully resilient building services installations.
Almost 5% of new cars on the UK roads in 2018 were manufactured on a production line with critical power infrastructure designed by Bevis.

Lighting Design

We have a dedicated lighting design facility which can provide technical expertise and standalone designs for many projects. We have access to markets and products which are at the cutting edge of technology and innovation.